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Do You Actually Need to Replace Your Roof?

A commercial roof is designed to prevent water damage for several years. As the building ages and is exposed to the elements, over time the roof will weaken and may develop leaks. When this happens, the building owner usually wonders whether they need a new roof. Building owners should know what the signs of roof damage are before deciding to replace it, as it may only need commercial roof repairs

Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial building owners should never ignore small problems. It does not take long for minor roof damage to become a major issue, leading to a more costly repair or a complete roof replacement. For the best outcome, they should call a professional roofing company as soon as they notice any signs of roof damage. 

However, many building owners don’t know what roof damage looks like. To help them recognize any issues before they get out of hand, below are the top six signs of commercial roof damage. 

Moisture on the Inside of the Building

Moisture present inside of a building is one of the most obvious signs of roof damage. When a roof leaks, water will enter the building from that spot. The result may be a puddle on the floor, water stains or moisture on the wall, or a stained ceiling. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by a professional commercial roofing company immediately. 

A Spike in the Building’s Energy Costs

When the roof is damaged, it can no longer insulate the building from the outside temperature. As a result, it will take more energy to heat or cool the inside of the building, which translates to a higher energy cost. Some fluctuation in energy costs is expected as the season’s change, but if the building owner or manager notices a significant spike in their energy bill, then the roof may be damaged. 

There is Damage to the Building’s Flashings

The area around a roof’s pipes, stacks, chimney, or rakes is protected by a sheet of metal that guards these areas against punctures that can cause water leaks. Flashings are more susceptible to deterioration than other parts of the roof, so building owners may want to inspect them for dents, bends, cracks, holes, or rust. If they notice any damage, they must contact a commercial roofing repair company to inspect the roof. If it is caught early enough, a simple repair may be all that is necessary. 

The Roof Seams Have Gaps

Roof seams are a vulnerable part of the roof, making them more likely to sustain damage that leads to leaks inside the building. Heavy winds are the most common reason roof seams sustain damage, as the force of strong winds can rip them away. Checking the roof seams is difficult and is best done by a roofing professional. 

There are Signs of Warping

One of the most serious signs of roof damage is warping. Roofing materials need to be dry for them to lay flat. If there is excess moisture present, it can cause warping, blistering, or bubbling. If the roof is visibly distorted, it may mean that the membrane underneath is compromised, which can lead to more serious roof damage. Most times, the affected materials will need to be removed and then new panels will need to be installed. 

The Roof is Sagging

A commercial roof is designed to bear its own weight. If a building owner notices that their roof is sagging or dipping, or that there is a sudden change in the roof’s appearance, they need to get the roof checked by a professional right away. Roofs often sag because of the moisture trapped in between the layers of the roof, leading to pockets of water-logged insulation. This could lead to structural damage and to the roof needing to be replaced. 

Benefits of a New Commercial Roof

Many building owners lament needing their roof replaced. However, there are several benefits to a commercial roof replacement that may help them see it in a positive light, including:

Improved Building Safety

Construction standards improve with every new year. When a building owner has the roof of their commercial building replaced, the professional roofing company can address any structural issues that need to be updated. The roofing company will also replace any shingles, tiles, or membranes that may cause accidents. If a contractor or maintenance worker is injured because of a damaged roof, the building owner could be liable and face an expensive lawsuit. 

Making the Building More Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Even if an old roof does not have any damage, it still may not insulate as well as a brand new roof. An older roof may leak air conditioning in the summer, increasing the building owner’s energy bill. When a building owner invests in a new roof for their commercial building, they increase their energy efficiency, which can save them a lot of money in energy costs. 

Building owners have the opportunity to make their building more sustainable by choosing to roof with photovoltaic panels. The photovoltaic panels, or solar panels, will absorb the light and convert it into energy, reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Increasing the Building’s Storm Resistance

Over the years, the weather takes its toll on the roof of a commercial building. When building owners have the roof of their building replaced, they can look into materials that are better suited for the climate in Northern California. This will help the roof last longer, increasing its overall value. 

Not all roof damage requires a complete replacement. The sooner the damage is addressed by a commercial roofing professional, the less costly the commercial roof repairs will be. If roof damage is extensive, or if the roof is old and inefficient, it may need to be replaced. A professional roofing company like Northern California Roofing Company can help building owners find the solution that works best for them. Call us now for a free estimate.

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