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Does a Moisture Scanner Make a Difference?

Commercial roofs are designed to resist water damage for many years, but that does not mean they last forever. Roof leaks may eventually happen and they can lead to a host of issues, including mold growth, structural damage, and dramatic rises in utility costs.

Even when building owners visually inspect the roof of their commercial building regularly, it is easy to miss moisture. To avoid this, building owners should contact Northern California Roofing to discuss using a moisture scanner on their roof. 

What is a Moisture Scanner?

A moisture scanner is an instrument used by professional roofers to detect moisture by monitoring temperature differences across the surface of a roof. Wet areas are a different temperature than dry areas, making it easy to detect moisture in places that would not be visible to the naked eye. 

How it Works

Moisture scans are done most often at night. The reason for this is that wet insulation in commercial roofing absorbs heat during the day and retains that heat at night longer than the dry areas surrounding it. Moisture scanners identify these temperature differences, which are then marked with spray paint for easy identification the following day. 

Benefits of Using a Moisture Scanner

While some commercial building owners may not think a moisture scanner is necessary, there are several benefits that make performing a moisture scan worth it. These benefits include:

Detect Moisture Leaks

The biggest benefit of using a moisture scanner on a commercial roof is to detect trapped moisture in areas that are not otherwise visible. These unseen roof leaks can cause significant structural damage and make it unsafe for maintenance workers to walk on the roof. Detecting this moisture early can save building owners a lot of money on repairs and potential lawsuits because of injury. 

Fast Results

Roof inspections take a lot of time. Roofing companies comb over every area on the roof that is most susceptible to damage, which can take hours depending on the size of the roof. The more time it takes to inspect a roof, the more money it can cost the owner of the commercial building.

Moisture scanners can scan large areas of the roof, detecting potential issues in a fraction of the time of other inspection methods. This saves both the building owner and roofing company valuable time and gets the ball rolling on necessary repairs much faster.

Protect the Roof’s Warranty

When a commercial building has a new roof put on, that roof often comes with a warranty. Some warranties have requirements, like regular inspections and maintenance. If building owners need to use the roof’s warranty, they may need to provide proof of damages and maintenance records.

By using a moisture scanner to check for unseen moisture, building owners are creating a record of their maintenance efforts and any damages the roof has sustained. This can make it easier to claim a roof’s warranty as building owners have all the necessary information available immediately. 

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs or Replacement

Roof damage is often costly and might halt business operations depending on the extent of the damage. What makes it even worse is when a business owner has areas of the roof repaired or replaced that would not have needed it had they known that it was not wet.

When commercial building owners have a professional roofing company perform a moisture scan, they can pinpoint the exact location of the moisture and focus their repair efforts on just that area. Doing this saves building owners a huge amount of money in unnecessary commercial flat roof repairs and cuts down on the time necessary to fix the roof. 

More Precise Budgeting

When it is time to have a roof repaired, roofing companies will provide the owner of a building with a quote for the estimated repairs. When the company comes to perform the estimated repairs, they may find more damage than they had originally expected. This can increase the cost significantly, making it difficult to budget for roof repairs accurately.

When commercial building owners use a moisture scanner on their roof, they can identify every area of roof damage and make a much more reliable repair estimate. This makes it easier for them to budget for their repairs and lessens the likelihood of surprise costs. 

Lower Energy Costs

When a commercial roof has a moisture leak, heat or air conditioning escapes through the roof’s compromised area. When this happens, the building’s heating and cooling systems need to work harder to maintain the desired temperature indoors. When the roof of a commercial building has a leak that goes unnoticed, building owners may be unknowingly costing themselves a huge amount of money in lost energy.

Using moisture scanners as part of a commercial roof maintenance plan allows building owners to identify any damage not visible to the naked eye. It allows them to catch potential problems early and make necessary repairs quickly. This keeps the building’s energy costs at a minimum, saving building owners an immense amount of money. 

Prepare for a Major Storm

When a roof sustains damage during a major storm, the owner of the building may put in a claim with their insurance company to cover the cost of repairs. Many times the insurance company denies the building owner’s claim under the premise that the roof damage existed before the storm hit. This can leave building owners on the hook for expensive repairs that should have been the responsibility of the insurance company.

Building owners can prepare themselves for this situation by having their roof scanned for moisture before the storm hits. They can document the damage that existed before the storm, preventing insurance companies from denying claims for storm-related damage.

Moisture scanners are a valuable tool used by Northern California Roofing to identify roof leaks and moisture in areas that would not otherwise be visible. We save commercial building owners time and money by identifying problems quickly and allowing us to create a much more accurate repair estimate.

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