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What are the Services Offered by Roofing Contractors?

Just like homes, commercial buildings need the protection that only a strong, sound roof can provide. Certified, licensed roofing contractors offer services that keep entire homes and places of business safe from hazards like moisture, temperature swings, airborne debris, and others. 

Experts at businesses like Northern California Roofing Company are well-equipped to account for every phase of any roof’s life cycle. They can provide related services, too, that amplify the benefits produced by high-quality roofing, like the replacement of older windows with more efficient ones. 

Roof Installation 

Whether for a new office building, warehouse, or home, choosing the most appropriate type of roof to have installed will always be important. Every structure gives rise to unique requirements stemming from its type, purpose, location, and other features. 

Fortunately, experienced roofing contractors are always ready to recommend and install roofs that suit buildings perfectly. That will often mean adding a roof of a type like: 

  • Thermoplastic. Durable thermoplastic membranes are found in many commercial buildings and some homes, as well. Waterproof thermoplastic roofing materials can be laid down and fastened as most appropriate, producing a durable, long-lasting layer of protection.
  • EPDM. Roofs made from a substance called “ethylene propylene diene terpolymer,” or EPDM, are generally among the easiest to install. At the same time, they hold up well over time and are especially easy to maintain, making them particularly versatile.
  • Photovoltaic. Photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity add a valuable new type of functionality to roofs. Increasingly popular in both commercial and residential buildings, photovoltaic panels designed for rooftop use cut energy costs and reduce a structure’s environmental footprint.
  • Green. Roofs designed to support plants provide several benefits at once. The greenery and the soil it stands on add insulation to the building below and help keep temperature fluctuations controlled.
  • Residential. Although most often seen on commercial buildings, roof styles like those above are sometimes appropriate for homes, too. Experienced roofing contractors almost always know how to install roofs based on materials like asphalt-based shingles that are so frequently found atop homes. 

Roof Maintenance 

The expected lifetime of a brand-new roof can be anywhere from a couple of decades to fifty years or more. Keeping up with maintenance all the while will ensure that a roof will provide all the service it can before needing to be replaced. Roofing contractors frequently provide maintenance-related services that help roofs perform better and last longer, like:

  • Inspection. Many common types of roofing problems develop slowly over time, increasing in severity until a roof’s ability to shed water breaks down. Regular inspections will help highlight such issues so they can be addressed before the damage reaches that critical point. As such, inspections frequently pay for themselves, once all the benefits are accounted for.
  • Cleaning. The kinds of low-slope roofs found on many commercial buildings can readily accumulate debris and dirt over time. That contributes to accelerated wear, but regular cleaning will put things right again. A recently cleaned roof will do a better job of withstanding the elements and resisting deterioration in general.
  • Resealing. Roofs sometimes need a bit of touching up, even when they are mostly in good shape. Resealing part or all of a roof will prevent water from working its way within and doing damage from inside. An affordable resealing job will often pay for itself many times over.
  • Waterproofing. Putting down a fresh new layer of waterproofing can revitalize a roof that needs it. Commercial building owners quite often find that arranging for waterproofing is the best way to protect their roofing-related investments. 

Roofing Repair, Recovering, and Replacement 

It will sometimes be necessary to go beyond routine, scheduled maintenance to make sure that a roof receives the attention it needs. Roofing contractors are frequently called upon to diagnose and resolve obvious, acute problems with roofs. That will often mean carrying out: 

  • Repairs. From severe storms to everyday temperature fluctuations, both residential and commercial roofs come under plenty of stress. At times, even a properly installed roof can sustain damage that needs to be repaired immediately. Fast, effective responses help ensure that problems will not snowball into even larger ones.
  • Recovering. The membranes found on many flat commercial roofs can often be recovered at least once. Recovering a commercial roof will extract years of additional service from the original and put off the date when a larger investment will be required. Experienced roofing contractors will have the knowledge needed to help their clients judge when recovering makes the most sense.
  • Replacement. Even the best roof will eventually age to the point where replacing it is the best option. Roofing contractors who are able to recognize when such moments have arrived thereby serve their clients well. Replacing an older roof will inevitably require a significant investment but will normally also enable decades of reliable service. 

Other Services 

Successful, experienced roofing contractors often go beyond these critically important basics to offer other services of value. Familiarity with programs like the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) energy-efficiency incentives, for example, can easily benefit clients. Having a SMUD-compliant “cool roof” installed could lower effective energy spending in more ways than one. 

The technical knowledge and skills it takes to be a successful, reliable roofing contractor translate readily into other, similar types of work, as well. That can equip a roofing contractor to handle the selection and installation of photovoltaic panels elsewhere or to replace a building’s windows with more energy-efficient models. 

Experts at Keeping Buildings Protected, Insulated, and More 

Roofing is more complex than many realize, and it is always among the most important of any building’s assets. Roofing contractors provide many kinds of services that are used to keep entire structures protected from the elements and as energy efficient as possible. 

In addition to excelling at such practical, hands-on work, the most successful roofing contractors are always happy to offer informed advice about how best to proceed for a given building. Whether that means a commercial facility or a single-family home, feel free to contact Northern California Roofing Company at any time with your own questions.

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